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Is data the answer to the mining industry’s global sustainability challenge?

Plantworx exhibitor MachineMax has recently published a whitepaper about the global sustainability challenge the mining industry faces and how data is a key way to tackle this.

The global mining industry is experiencing unprecedented change. As demand for ‘critical minerals’ continues to surge, the pressure to reduce carbon emissions becomes more prevalent and new methods and technologies are changing the way the industry is operating. So, the key question is: Is data the answer to the mining industry’s global sustainability challenge?

The mining industry occupies a central position in the effort to tackle climate change. It’s an incredibly important sector that provides many raw materials needed in everyday life whilst contributing greatly to the advancement of modern living, innovation, and engineering. Yet, the mining industry has some serious environmental responsibilities, as it currently contributes to 8% of the world’s carbon emissions.

For the world to become more sustainable we need mining, but that does not mean mining cannot become more sustainable in the extraction of the materials needed to produce future technologies.

This whitepaper gives a full synopsis of the current global and environmental impacts of the mining industry, and the need for future technologies within the industry whilst giving examples of strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

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