Plantworx 2025

DIGGER GUARD® Vandal Guards at Plantworx

An advanced new Vandal Guard cab security system from DIGGER GUARD® provides excellent protection for construction machinery

This innovative product is designed to offer a range of exclusive benefits making it a preferred choice for key machinery manufacturer, Hitachi.  DIGGER GUARD® has been shortlisted for a Plantworx Innovation Award and will showcase its Vandal Guards at the upcoming Plantworx 2023 exhibition.

The DIGGER GUARD®  engineers have developed Vandal Guards using robust, lightweight, and recyclable materials, optimizing durability while ensuring the panels are easy to handle. This makes the product both long-lasting and user-friendly, saving valuable time and resources.

One of the unique features of Vandal Guards is the patented storage box system. Using the front window panel as a lid, this fully enclosed storage option is weather-resistant, preventing water build-up in panels. The lockable box keeps the panels clean and secure, while the polymer roof box design reduces noise pollution for machine operators.

The installation and removal of Vandal Guards are made easy with the intuitive hang-and-lock system. Additionally, anti-tamper features improve security, ensuring that the product is protected from theft or damage.

Manufacturers can expect rapid turnaround times and enhanced design aesthetics that meet their exact prototyping requirements, thanks to 3D scanning and CAD technology. Customers can also rely on DIGGER GUARD®  for a comprehensive range of spare parts and an on-site fitting service available anywhere in the UK.

The Plantworx Construction Exhibition hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) is just a matter of weeks away! The working construction and technology event is taking place once again at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 13th to 15th June 2023.  REGISTER NOW...

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