Founded in 1908, the journey began when British Engineer John Faulder Burn acquired UK rights to a groundbreaking block moulding machine, many notable innovations followed, including the first-ever “Tilting Drum Mixer” in 1915 the forerunner of Concrete Mixers used on building sites across the World today. WINGET’s commitment to manufacturing quality machinery has never wavered. The company believes in the old adage “if you buy cheap, you buy twice” so all their machines are built to last and backed up by industry leading parts availability often supplying parts for 30-year-old machines that are just embarking on the second half of their productive life! Much has changed since 1908 from factories powered by coal furnaces to a world where carbon footprint, resource efficiency and sustainability are vital considerations for us all. The UK Plant Hire sector, rightly, leads the shift to greener machines, leaner operations, and less waste in our industry and WINGET embraces this challenge, employing energy saving initiatives throughout their factory, appointing local suppliers wherever possible and, perhaps most importantly, producing machines that last a lifetime against the backdrop of a ‘throw-away’ society. In February this year WINGET launched their new 100Te, a 110V version of the company’s popular Yanmar diesel powered 100T Site Mixer. Its launch followed demand from contractors working in Low Emission Zones and other urban sites restricting the use of diesel equipment. The desire for more green solutions has led the company to launch 150Te and 175Te versions, now gaining in popularity in markets such as Northern Ireland. The company’s enduring success can be attributed to its global presence. With over 90 years of experience in exporting mixers to global markets and in an industry where longevity and reputation are hard-fought achievements, WINGET’s 115th anniversary is a testament to its steadfast dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Here’s to the next milestone! For more information about the Winget Mixer range and to find your nearest dealer, visit or email