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24 Apr 2023

Sustainability at the heart of Atlas Copco’s stand at Plantworx

Sustainability at the heart of Atlas Copco’s stand at Plantworx
Sustainability lies at the heart of Atlas Copco’s presence at Plantworx, with several zero-carbon products on display. During a research project in 2021, Atlas Copco calculated that the majority of emissions from its products are created not at the time of manufacture, but from their lifetime use. As a consequence, the company has decided to tackle this in-use carbon footprint by increasing the accessibility of electric solutions. This long-term objective will be at the heart of the company’s presence at this year’s Plantworx exhibition in June. While the ZBC 500-250 energy storage system is already shortlisted for the show’s Innovation awards, its little brother, the ZBP 45, will be the star of the Atlas Copco presence at the show. (Exhibition stand – number D/LB2-4.) Designed with sustainability in mind, the 45 kVA energy storage unit helps operators dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while delivering optimal performance with zero noise and virtually no maintenance. Leveraging the benefits of high-density lithium-ion batteries, the ZenergiZe units are compact and light, compared to traditional alternatives, yet capable of providing over 12 hours of power with a single charge. They are suited for noise-sensitive environments, such as event or urban construction sites, telecoms, or rental applications, solar PV capable or to resolve insufficient load and grid problems. Electric plug-in compressors Energy storage is not the only low-carbon solution from Atlas Copco on display at Peterborough’s East of England Arena & Events Centre. Atlas Copco’s electric mobile compressor range has gained momentum since its release in 2019. Designed to deliver a cost-effective and low-carbon compressed air solution in even the toughest applications, the E-Air is in demand across the construction, oil and gas, and mining sectors. Responding to the unprecedented growth of consumer interest in clean energy tech, Atlas Copco has recently invested in extra production capacity – more than doubling daily production capacity of the E-Air. Atlas Copco is able to provide an electric-driven solution that meets a range of low-to-medium air requirements with its E-Air compressors. The low-pressure models are the E-Air H250 VSD and E-Air H450 VSD, while the medium-pressure model is the E-Air T900. The range is particularly suited to applications in densely populated areas, where emissions and noise pollution must be drastically reduced. Simply plug in the electric compressor to deliver compressed air. They are quieter, require less maintenance and no fuel top-ups – and have zero exhaust emissions. Plantworx will also see further low-carbon solutions in the company’s handheld tool range, and the company will also have an XAS58 compressor powering two RTEX pneumatic breakers. The compact compressor weighs in at under 750kg, and complies with Stage V emissions regulations. It can also be towed behind a standard car with no special licence, boosting convenience when moving from site to site. Senior executives and product specialists will be on hand to answer questions throughout the show – including UK General Manager David Chambers. Registration to attend Plantworx 2023 (June 13-15, 2023, at the East of England Arena and Events Centre, Peterborough) is now open. Secure your free fast-track entry badges to the show by visiting the Plantworx-2023 website.
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