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17 May 2023

Sleep Space - coming to the rescue of Plantworx onsite team

Sleep Space - coming to the rescue of Plantworx onsite team
The Plantworx event organisers, faced a major setback when a welfare cabin hire company left their key build-up staff without proper on-site accommodation for the highly anticipated 5th Plantworx Construction Event. However, Sleep Space stepped in to save the day, providing a timely and reliable solution. The Plantworx onsite team was severely let down by the previous welfare company, leaving them in a predicament where their staff had nowhere to sleep during the upcoming crucial event preparation phase. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Sleep Space swiftly responded to their distress call. With utmost professionalism and dedication, Sleep Space ensured that the Plantworx team's comfort and well-being were prioritised. Their team's prompt action and seamless provision of sleep spaces not only addressed the immediate accommodation crisis but also exceeded expectations in terms of the quality and the very reasonable hire rates - for the whole package including mattresses and bedding! Sleep Space Hire's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in every aspect of the sleeping arrangements. The comfort and respite provided by the welfare accommodation will enable the Plantworx team to carry out their vital tasks with peace of mind, ultimately contributing to the success of the event! Plantworx wholeheartedly expresses its deepest gratitude to Sleep Space Hire for its outstanding support, in particular, Elaine, who went above and beyond to help.  Stuart Favill, Plantworx Operations Manager said, "The timely intervention and exceptional service demonstrated by Sleep Space Hire have solidified its reputation as a reliable partner in the industry. Plantworx is pleased to recommend Sleep Space Hire to others, highlighting their ability to deliver under pressure and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction." Eco Space and Sleep Space will now be exhibiting at Plantworx (13th - 15th June East of England Arena Peterborough) on stand number B-FB13
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