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31 Mar 2023

SANY joins the electric revolution

SANY joins the electric revolution
SANY is one of the latest OEMs to join the battery-electric drive revolution. Sany will be bringing its SY19E electric mini excavator - to Plantworx 2023 (13th - 15th June 23, East of England Arena Peterborough) SANY Heavy Machinery, a leading global manufacturer of construction equipment, has made a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainable development with the launch of its new SY19E mini excavator. The fully electric excavator is a game-changer for the construction industry, as it offers zero emissions, lower noise levels, and a range of other benefits over traditional combustion engines. The SY19E is powered by a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate battery, which is not only superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of performance but is also far less toxic to produce and recycle. The battery does not contain any toxic or hazardous chemicals, rare metals, or heavy metals like cobalt, nickel, or lead, which are often found in other types of batteries. This battery technology also has a longer lifetime, with up to 3,500 full charge cycles, which will cover the machine for more than the standard lifetime, reducing the environmental impact compared to other batteries which need to be changed throughout the machine's life. The SY19E also features an auto-idle function, which reduces motor energy consumption after five seconds of not using the controls, as well as energy-saving LED lights throughout the cab and boom, and a state-of-the-art touchscreen monitor. The manufacturing of the excavator is also eco-friendly, with SANY producing it in a lighthouse factory, recognised by the World Economic Forum, which reduces material waste, energy and greenhouse-gas emissions throughout the production and manufacturing process. "The launch of the SY19E is a significant milestone for SANY as we continue to lead the way in sustainable development and innovation in the construction industry," said a spokesperson for the company. "We are proud to offer our customers a fully electric excavator that not only reduces emissions but also offers superior performance and economy compared to traditional combustion engines. We believe this is a positive step forward for our industry and for the planet."
SANY will be showcasing the SY19E electric mini excavator at Plantworx 2023 on Stand: D-H12 & D-H11
The Plantworx Construction Exhibition hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) is just a matter of weeks away! The working construction and technology event is taking place once again at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 13th to 15th June 2023.  REGISTER NOW...  
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