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08 May 2023

It's a SCAM

It's a SCAM
Plantworx exhibitors have reported instances of fraudulent activity where companies are falsely claiming to be associated with the CEA and Plantworx, the event's organisers. These companies often use the event's branding and email signatures to deceive exhibitors. In the past, they have offered services such as directories and hotel bookings, but now they have begun to falsely claim that they can sell visitor data from events, such as However, we would like to clarify that this is not the case. It is crucial for exhibitors to exercise caution and thoroughly read the fine print. They should also inform their teams responsible for exhibition, marketing, and finance about these potential scams and contact the event organisers if they receive any unexpected or uncertain communications. Misleading directory services offered by organisations such as Event Fair, Fairs & Business, and Data Verlag, amongst others, are specifically targeting exhibitors. Unsuspecting exhibitors who sign and return the form are then bound by a three-year, non-retractable agreement, which can result in substantial financial loss. It is essential to note that the only official magazine for Plantworx is Construction Worx magazine and the Plantworx Web App, and all exhibitors receive a complimentary listing on the Web App as part of their stand package. It is essential to clarify that Plantworx and the CEA do not sell or share visitor data with any third party, and any company claiming to have such information is fraudulent. If any exhibitor receives such communication, we recommend that they do not respond or engage with the company and delete it immediately.
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