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04 Apr 2023

Rotar's new fully integrated Quickcoupler Adapter is a game-changer

Rotar's new fully integrated Quickcoupler Adapter is a game-changer
Rotar Engineering has launched a groundbreaking new product, the Fully Integrated Quickcoupler Adapter, designed to overcome the disadvantages of the industry-standard Symmetrical Quick Coupler. The S-Standard, owned and managed by the Swedish Machine Suppliers organization, is widely used across the world due to its low building height, wide body design, and maintenance-free coupler. However, its drawbacks include a lack of standardization on drill patterns between different manufacturers of worktools, significant engineering required to design adapter plates, and installation required for the adapter plates. Rotar's Fully Integrated Quickcoupler Adapter is a game-changer that eliminates the need for adapter plates, extra engineering costs, and installation of hydraulic lines, providing a "Plug & Play" solution. The adapter is fully dedicated to the original components of the quick coupler manufacturer - Oilquick, Steelwrist or Lehnhoff - and features an optimized center of gravity, weight reduction, and less fuel consumption. The adapter's 3D hydraulic routing design, OEM manufacturing, and integration of all components and hydraulic lines make it more reliable and easy to maintain, with a clean design that eliminates visible hydraulic hoses. Rotar dealers and customers can now order the attachments complete and ready for use from the factory, eliminating the need for additional work and time to bolt on the adapter plate and install the hose connections, saving time and service costs. The Fully Integrated Quickcoupler Adapter is available for Steelwrist and Lehnhoff Variolock full hydraulic quick couplers, with other sizes and models available on request. This innovative product is set to revolutionize the industry by providing a safer, more efficient, and more reliable solution for quick couplers. Launched at Bauma 2023, Rotar and Worsley Plant will be showcasing a Fully Integrated Quick coupler for the first time in the UK on Stand D-JB8 at Plantworx 2023.
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