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27 Apr 2023

Revolutionise Your Measurements with Moasure® ONE™ - The Motion-Based Tool Debuting at Plantworx!

Revolutionise Your Measurements with Moasure® ONE™ - The Motion-Based Tool Debuting at Plantworx!
Offering a unique way to measure complex spaces, pocket-sized Moasure ONE is making a name for itself as the tool of choice for rapidly calculating the area of indoor and outdoor spaces, and measuring changes in elevation – this revolutionary device is quietly transforming the construction industry and is coming to Plantworx for the first time this year!  What makes Moasure ONE different? Designed to help time-poor professionals make the most of every minute, Moasure ONE allows experts in the construction industry to quickly and accurately estimate jobs. Moasure ONE works without phone signal or GPS, which many measuring devices rely on; instead, it uses accelerometers, gyroscopes and advanced, proprietary algorithms to measure its own movement in 3D. This powerful motion-based technology allows users to measure and draw simultaneously, capturing data as the device moves from one point to another. Paired with Moasure’s app, Moasure PRO, drawings and measurement data can be viewed on-screen in real-time. With Moasure ONE, users can measure a site and have a fully dimensioned drawing complete in the time it takes to walk around any outdoor or indoor space – this dramatically speeds up the measuring process, allowing users to complete more jobs in a day, and more accurately estimate required material quantities.
Construction professional, Carl Anso, said this: ‘Where have you been…?
Outstanding efficient device. Saves time, correctly measures and inputs into CAD/SketchUp seamlessly. Easy to learn. A must-have in construction!’
What can Moasure ONE actually measure? Revolutionising how complex spaces can be measured, Moasure ONE captures irregular shapes, measures perimeter and distance, and rapidly calculates area, while factoring in gradients and elevations. Measurements can easily be taken where obstacles, or absence of line of sight, limit the use of traditional measuring tools; placing the device either side of the obstacle allows users to effectively eliminate it from a measurement. In addition to this, with Moasure PRO, users can measure multiple areas in relation to each other, with a feature called ‘Layers’, and highlight points of interest within measurements with ‘Labels’. Moasure ONE connects to the app using Bluetooth technology, capturing measurements in real-time and giving the user a comprehensive 3D diagram of a job site. With Moasure PRO, these completed diagrams can then be shared with colleagues and clients, with the ability to export measurement drawings in a variety of formats, including PDF, CSV and DXF. The free-to-use tap-to-export feature enables users to rapidly generate project estimates and customer quotes by sending measurement data to software such as AutoCAD®, Vectorworks®, SketchUp and others. Measure single-handedly, with Moasure STICK Developed using customer feedback, Moasure STICK is an optional lightweight, ergonomic, telescopic pole accessory, with a protective enclosure for Moasure ONE at the bottom, and an integrated universal smartphone holder for easy app access at the top. Moasure STICK saves the need for awkward reaching or bending over when measuring, and offers easier access to those hard-to-reach corners – it comes with a branded bag, ideal for storing and carrying kit, making measuring on the move even easier. Moasure® ONE™ will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Plantworx Construction Exhibition which is taking place from the 13th – 15th June 2023 at the East of England Arena and Showground in Peterborough.  Register now for complimentary your entry badge to the show
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