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09 May 2024

Reuben Owen shines in 'Life in the Dales' debut, inspiring young operators at Plantworx 2023

Reuben Owen shines in 'Life in the Dales' debut, inspiring young operators at Plantworx 2023

Reuben Owen's new Channel 5 series, "Reuben: Life in the Dales," has captivated audiences, earning praise as an inspirational figure for young viewers. The first episode features an engaging segment where Reuben departs from a stormy Yorkshire to participate in the 2023 Plantworx Construction Exhibition. There, he takes on the Awesome Earthmovers 'Plant Operators Challenge'. This episode is a must-watch for enthusiasts of construction and heavy machinery, showcasing Reuben's skills and adventurous spirit. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how Reuben performed in the challenges if you've had a chance to watch our video!

NB: The Operators Challenge will be back in 2025 About Plantworx

Plantworx is one of the UK’s largest live construction events. It showcases the latest machinery innovations and technology to enhance the construction industry's safety, efficiency, and productivity. The 6th biennial construction machinery exhibition will be held from September 23rd to 25th, 2025, at our new location, Newark Showground. The event provides a visitor experience that educates, entertains, and engages today’s construction professionals. It celebrates industry achievements and encourages the next generation of owners, operators, and engineers. We aim to develop a loyal visitor base that returns each year. Plantworx is an initiative of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), organised ‘for the industry by the industry.’ All CEA profits are reinvested into promoting and representing the sector. To read more about Plantworx 2025 - follow the link below. Back to business at Plantworx 2025 – new location, new venue, and new opportunities - Plantworx 2025

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