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16 Mar 2023

Plantworx Get Connected Technology Zone: Driving the Future of Construction Equipment

Plantworx Get Connected Technology Zone: Driving the Future of Construction Equipment
The construction industry has come a long way in the past few decades, and technology has played a significant role in that progress. From machine control to telematics, GPS systems, and safety systems, technology has transformed the way construction sites operate. To showcase the latest advancements in construction equipment technology, Plantworx is launching the Get Connected Technology Zone, a dedicated space for technology providers in the construction equipment sector. The inaugural Futureworx exhibition in 2022 was a massive success, demonstrating the industry's appetite for new technology. As a result, the Futureworx team has been asked by leading construction innovators to recreate an element of this event at Plantworx. The Get Connected Technology Zone will showcase the technology and innovation that will drive productivity on construction sites, leading us into the construction site of the future. The new zone will bring together companies that have new and innovative ways of delivering solutions. The focus will be on the people-plant interface, telematics, the connected site, and safety systems. Indoor companies such as Ongrade MC (Thomas Plant), Unicontrol, Smart Construction Sitech, Sodex, Plinx, MachineMax, GKD, and FTC have already confirmed their exhibition space in the Get Connected Zone. The outside exhibitors include key sponsors, Leica GeosytemsConquip, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe, and Ongrade MC (Thomas Plant). These exhibitors will demonstrate their products in action on "working machinery," which will have the technology previously installed. Exhibitors will arrive ready "to plug and play," demonstrating the ease of integrating new technology into existing construction equipment. According to Sean Scarah, Plant and Logistics Director for Balfour Beatty Asset and Solutions Division, the focus is no longer on just diggers, but on a whole connected site where 3D machine control and autonomous plant help to deliver a project and help us on our journey to Net Zero. To achieve this, industry solution and equipment providers, supply chain partners, IT specialists, and clients must work collaboratively together. In addition to showcasing the future of the construction site, Plantworx 2023 will also highlight the key challenges facing small and medium-sized construction sector companies in the areas of immersive technologies and data. The event will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about new technologies and the ways they can benefit their operations. Plantworx is holding a VIP networking event on Monday, June 12th, which will include a tour of the Get Connected Technology Zone, the Simulation Zone brought to Plantworx 2023 by Plantforce Rentals, and the BIG Ideas Showcase. The Plantworx Construction Exhibition hosted by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) is just a few weeks away! The working construction and technology event will take place once again at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from June 13th to 15th, 2023. Don't miss this opportunity to see the latest advancements in construction equipment technology and learn how they can benefit your operations.

"A big thank you to The Get Connected Zone sponsors, Leica Geosystems, Plinx and MachineMax"


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