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16 May 2023

Piusi Launches the 3000 Supreme smart pump for the B.SMART

Piusi Launches the 3000 Supreme smart pump for the B.SMART
Centre Tank Services will be revealing its newest innovation at this year’s Plantworx exhibition - the Piusi 3000 Supreme. This intelligent running pump will revolutionise the way sites’ fuel is controlled, dispensed, and managed. The Piusi 3000 Supreme will make its debut at the event, with live demonstrations taking place of its integration with the Piusi B. SMART; a cloud-based fuel management system for remote and real-time monitoring of your sites' fuel use. The three-day event taking place in Peterborough from June 13th to 15th is the perfect platform for the CTS team to give attendees a first-hand look as Piusi’s official UK agent. After the recent changes to the red diesel tax scheme significantly increasing the price per litre, and many construction projects being tendered for prior, managing a site’s fuel has become more important than ever. With construction companies looking for ways to make every drop count, this technology has come at exactly the right time. So, how do the Piusi 3000 Supreme and B. SMART together help to eliminate the risk of wastage and misuse of a company’s fuel? Firstly, by only allowing the pump to be turned on and fuel dispensed by authorised smartphone app holders, it secures the fuel from opportunists when a site is left unattended. In addition, its ability to record dispensing data such as the quantity of fuel taken, the date and time, provides a greater handle on how your fuel is being used helping to spot any anomalies. This data supplied from Supremes on fuel tanks across unlimited sites can be sent to the B. SMART online portal, allowing you to see how your fuel is being used across all sites wherever you are. As well as the fuel management benefits, the smart Supreme pump manages its own operation to save workers’ time and eliminate causes of pump failure. Not only can you pre-set the number of litres to dispense, it will automatically stop running if your tank runs out of fuel to protect itself from dry run damage, and can slow it’s motor down to prevent overheating, allowing it to be continuously run without consideration, unlike other battery-powered models.
"We're excited to be launching the Piusi 3000 Supreme at the Plantworx exhibition," said Gurdeep Lakhanpal, Sales Manager of Centre Tank Services. "We truly believe that it's going to benefit the construction industry and site managers hugely. We have researched data provided by Shell that suggests almost 5% of fuel costs are from misuse, and this pump can limit these issues. We can't wait for attendees to see it in action and experience all the benefits it has to offer."
Overall, the Piusi 3000 Supreme smart technology and B. SMART software integration is the perfect secure refuelling solution for job sites of all sizes, whether installed on a static tank or a bowser. If you are attending Plantworx in June, be sure to stop by stand A-C9 to see it in action!   
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