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05 Apr 2023

New patented Excavator Forklift attachment at Plantworx

New patented Excavator Forklift attachment at Plantworx
A new Excavator Forklift attachment has been patented, offering landscapers and small builders a labour-saving solution for their work sites. Designed for use with micro or mini excavators, this attachment can be attached or detached in about a minute and can convert an excavator into a forklift capable of lifting and loading pallets weighing between 1000kg and 2000kg onto lorries. The Excavator Forklift attachment is equipped with an adjustable pressure relief valve on the lift cylinder, which ensures that the maximum fork capacity is approximately the weight of the excavator. This does not affect the digging pressures, providing flexibility and versatility on the work site. The lift is powered by the hammer service and controlled by the hammer pedal, while tilt is controlled by the dipper lever. The attachment also comes with a 1000kg x 750mm reach jib, which has a hook height of 2.6m for handling bags and slung loads. Additionally, a 200mm lift and carry version is available for use when high lift is not required. The attachment features an articulated axle that allows one wheel to be 150mm above the other, providing excellent rough-site performance. The Excavator Forklift attachment can be transported on the excavator, or if weight or length is critical, it has five lifting points and can be transported separately. This innovative attachment offers a time and cost-effective solution for small builders and landscapers who need to lift and load heavy items on their work sites. With the Excavator Forklift attachment, users can get more from their excavator and enjoy the benefits of a forklift without the additional expense of purchasing one separately. Its ease of use, flexibility, and versatility make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase their productivity and efficiency on the job site.

See the new attachment at Plantworx 2023 on the Excavator Forklift Stand B-FC5

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