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31 May 2023

New Era Fuels to Fuel Plantworx Exhibition with Sustainable HVO Fuel: A New Era for Clean Energy

New Era Fuels to Fuel Plantworx Exhibition with Sustainable HVO Fuel: A New Era for Clean Energy

New Era, a renowned supplier of fuel, oils, and lubricants, will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Plantworx construction equipment event (13th-15th June East of England Arena Peterborough)

The company is not just participating as an exhibitor but will also be the primary HVO fuel supplier for the entire event. Plantworx Event Director, Simon Frere-Cook commented on the partnership, “ We are delighted to be partnering up for the third time with New Era Fuels for Plantworx – not only is the service that they provide invaluable to our Exhibitors, but the range of products that they have to offer exemplify the advances that are being made with fuels. ” For years, New Era has made its mark in the industry by providing diesel, HVO, GTL, AdBlue, kerosene, oils, and lubricants to businesses.

This event, however, presents a unique opportunity for the company to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Plantworx's decision to collaborate with New Era comes on the back of their offering of HVO fuel, a sustainable, direct replacement for diesel. HVO fuel or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil fuel is produced from 100% waste materials, making it a renewable and biodegradable energy source. Notably, its use leads to a reduction of CO2e levels by up to 90%, making a significant contribution towards mitigating the impacts of climate change. As a direct drop-in replacement for diesel, HVO is a FAME FREE solution that also boasts OEM approval.

The utilisation of HVO fuel in place of diesel has substantial benefits for the air quality on the event site. Its odourless nature will contribute to an improved experience for visitors and exhibitors alike. To ensure a smooth supply, New Era has planned an efficient fuel delivery mechanism. A fuel tanker will be stationed on-site, and a 4x4 will be dispatched to go around and provide fuel to exhibitors as needed. This initiative by New Era and Plantworx signifies a new era for clean energy, setting a commendable precedent for other events and exhibitions to follow. It demonstrates that commercial requirements and environmental responsibilities can be balanced successfully, paving the way for a sustainable future in the industry.

New Era is also supplying smaller quantities of fuel in 20-litres (white diesel and HVO) and supply 10 and 18-litre adblue boxes – these options will also be available onsite at Plantworx. As visitors, exhibitors, and suppliers navigate the event, they will not only be experiencing the offerings of the Plantworx exhibition but also witness firsthand the transformational potential of sustainable energy solutions such as HVO fuel. Visit HVO Fuel (Enhanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) - New Era Fuels New Era will be on stand number B-FA7

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