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16 May 2023

MTS Suction Systems introduce the new MEGA-AIR compressor system

MTS Suction Systems introduce the new MEGA-AIR compressor system
MTS Suction Systems are introducing the new MEGA-AIR compressor system option to their market-leading DINO range of suction excavation systems and will be exhibiting the unit mounted to a DINO12 Suction Excavation System on their outside stand B-CA7. The utilisation of MTS Suction systems for dry excavation works has become well established in the UK in the Utility and construction sectors as a proven, safe method of exposing buried pipes, ducts and cables.  Typically, the ground to be excavated is broken up with various air lances and tools prior to, and during the suction operation.  The time taken to safely break up the ground with air lances will vary according to its type with harder dry clays etc. taking longer and requiring more operator manual input. MEGA-AIR fitted to the DINO range provides more air pressure and volume enabling higher performance air-lances to be used which in turn enables harder grounds to be loosened more quickly and efficiently.  MTS have proven the MEGA-AIR technology on their DINO equipment used in North America successfully competing against wet systems that utilise high pressure water to break harder ground. Russell Fairhurst, the MD of MTS Suction Systems UK Ltd states ‘MEGA-AIR widens the scope of operation of MTS systems enabling not only operation in harder ground conditions, but also improving ground loosening in all conditions which has the knock-on effect of enabling ground to be removed as lower fan speeds and therefore more economically’.
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