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08 Dec 2022

The MHM Group spark interest with clean energy eco range

The MHM Group spark interest with clean energy eco range

Plantworx exhibitor, The MHM Group has seen a sharp rise in demand for sustainable equipment that could save clients nearly three-quarters of Co2 emissions.

 The MHM Group, a UK-wide distributor of leading hire-to-hire solar and hybrid equipment, has seen an influx of enquiries for solar products, with eco-conscious businesses looking to set ambitious net-zero targets and sustainable development goals next year.

The MHM Eco division has experienced over 150% increase in Street-Lite sales this year alone. The low emissions Street-Lite is one of its most popular products, and will save 100% of Co2 emissions compared with standard diesel lighting towers.

MHM Eco, which has tripled its sustainable fleet this year, notes that the demand has increased due to multiple economic factors, including the red diesel ban in April 2022, along with businesses having a higher environmental corporate social responsibility. Companies are more focused on ‘green’ issues such as energy use, waste management and emissions now than ever before.

In addition, solar has been crowned the cheapest source of energy in history* and at a time when fossil fuels continue to grow in cost, it comes as no surprise that businesses are looking for cheaper alternatives to fuel.

MHM Sales Director Brad Ireland said: “As mentioned in this year's COP27, among other key focuses, the UK is pledging to speed up the transition to renewables - with £65.5m for green tech innovation, as well as significant clean energy investments with Kenya and Egypt. It’s a step in the right direction and we are proud to be at the forefront, offering sustainable machinery alternatives for some of the most affected industries.

“The UK’s energy crisis being discussed on a public stage like COP27 will no doubt accelerate the demand for greener fuels and solar power. We had already experienced higher than usual enquiries at the start of the year due to the red diesel ban, but now the rising energy costs and environmental issues currently in the news are having a big impact on sales.

“As the technology in the solar power industry advances, so will MHM. We plan to invest heavily in other renewables, such as solar and battery hybrid machines, as part of our comprehensive approach to a sustainable future and to being carbon neutral by 2030.”

As we head toward Plantworx 2023 (13th – 15th June 2023 East of England Arena, Peterborough) “On the path to zero emissions” will be a key theme of the show.  MHM Group will be at the event on stands B-BA1b



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