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31 Jan 2023

Merlo’s Generation Zero range adopts CESAR ECV

Merlo’s Generation Zero range adopts CESAR ECV
Merlo is amongst the latest machine distributors in the UK to fit CESAR and Emission Compliance Verification (ECV), to the Merlo range of machinery.  The decision to begin fitting CESAR Security and ECV followed an industry-wide recognition of the importance of machine security and emission awareness across UK construction sites.
“Merlo UK is a proud member of the CESAR ECV scheme. Merlo Group’s commitment to reducing emissions was marked with the launch of the zero-emissions Merlo eWorker compact telehandler.” Said Shaun Groom General Manager Merlo
Shaun added, “The CESAR ECV helps identify and provide emissions details easily to plant hire companies, site managers and the operator. By joining CESAR ECV, Merlo is helping drive a conscious focus on fleet emission ratings, while also decreasing the requirement for labour-intensive work in finding emissions ratings separately. Applying CESAR ECV Zero Emissions decals to its Generation Zero range of products recognises the Merlo Group’s deep-rooted commitment to alternative energies.”
Kevin Howells, Managing Director Datatag ID said,  "It feels like only months ago when Merlo were one of the first companies in the UK to fully adopt the Official CESAR Scheme back in 2007 at the SED Show (Site Equipment Demonstration) event in Rockingham). This leading material handling company has constantly protected and registered their machinery for their valued customers ever since.  It goes without saying - Merlo has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are extremely pleased they have decided to enhance the existing CESAR system with the addition of the new ECV system helping customers, clients and work sites monitor cleaner air quality - thank you, Merlo."
Both Merlo and Datatag/CESAR Scheme will be at Plantworx 2023
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