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23 Mar 2023

KIST my assets - an asset management solution delivered by Datatag - Shortlisted for Plantworx Innovation Award

KIST my assets - an asset management solution delivered by Datatag - Shortlisted for Plantworx Innovation Award
Datatag the company that Powers the Official CESAR Scheme was challenged yet again by the Industry, Hirers, Utility and Infrastructure companies to try and help combat the Problem of Tool theft utilising the “Industry Standard” CESAR Security & Registration Scheme to create, test and build a “Software Unicorn”. The seemingly impossible task of creating a Unique Asset Management Tool & Software programme that is Multi-Platform working with all of the data flows from Manufacturers, Hirers, Insurers, Utility & Construction companies, Police and existing company software and identification numbers, existing mobile phones, tablets and trackers already used, etc.
According to a recent report from the Mirror News website using data compiled from Direct Line: “Since the easing of lockdown in April 2021, more than £46 million worth of tools have been stolen from vans, with more than a third of the theft reports coming from London alone.” “As per the data from Direct Line, this is equivalent to an astonishing £245,893 worth of tools being stolen every day, with only 1% of stolen tools being recovered.”
After almost three- years of constant development throughout the pandemic with a dedicated team of talented developers from Datatag and with an investment approaching ½ million £ pounds KIST – the name given to the Software from Datatag is already making a massive difference in how companies manage their assets, equipment, tools, vehicles, maintenance, teams and even fuel. This revolutionary dynamic software development is a programme designed by the Industry for the Industry much, in the same way, the original CESAR Scheme was designed by the Police for the Police and it will no doubt be a game changer as more companies start to use KIST and importantly we benefit from something we call at Datatag “Crowd Policing” in other words, users and companies working together to reduce thefts and increase recoveries. KIST a web-based administration portal The portal has been designed to allow assets to be easily created, managed, and administered (tools, vehicles and equipment) using existing phone and tablet technology to scan QR codes and or unique identification numbers. As each asset is created it can be allocated to a user or parent asset, (i.e. a tool to a storage location or to a vehicle).  As each asset has a unique identifier from the CESAR or Micro-CESAR security label an audit trail can be built up of the movement of that asset and its allocations allowing the ability to track and manage an asset's entire lifecycle, from initial acquisition to periodic maintenance to phase-out from inventory this gives greater transparency in asset management, leading to increased accuracy and accountability across a fleet of assets. From the web-based administration portal a standard (but configurable) set of reports provides tracking and visibility of assets that are allocated to a parent container or location, and then subsequently scanned as part of a scheduled or ad-hoc audit. The reporting set also provides valuable exception data, where scanned or audited assets can be identified when they are off-schedule. KIST a mobile application This mobile application allows designated and authorised users to conduct audits of assets at work locations, on vehicles, and in stores again that have been designated as a parent location where assets may be allocated and these audits allow recording of the asset’s status, giving the ability to keep up with preventive maintenance and routine inspections, therefore preventing expensive repairs and security risks from poorly maintained equipment. The mobile application also includes pre-drive vehicle checks with email alerts to supervisors on any reported damage or driver concerns. Mileage and all vehicle safety checks can be easily reported, monitored, and audited. Also, service history, safety certificates, links to user/operator videos, map location screens including What3Words, the uploading of photos, the issuing of a “Temporary Tag” for hired in equipment. No asset management solution currently is a "one size fits all" but KIST is aiming to achieve this and is a configurable tool allowing managers, supervisors, and teams to locate, manage and control assets to increase efficiency, and reduce waiting times and waste.

KIST will be showcasing at Plantworx 2023 on the Datatag stand B-DB1 & D-DB2

The Plantworx Construction Exhibition hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) is just a matter of weeks away! The working construction and technology event is taking place once again at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 13th to 15th June 2023.  REGISTER NOW...
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