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01 Jan 1970

Introducing the Street King 660: Aebi Schmidt's Sweeper Debuts at Plantworx 2023

The Street King 660 sweeper by Aebi Schmidt is a powerful truck-mounted sweeper designed to efficiently complete a wide range of tasks. It comes with a Volvo 15-tonne LF 4x2 chassis, which allows it to handle additional workloads and perform tasks in diverse environments. The sweeper's large capacity, greater payload, and strong sweeping power make it a cost-effective choice, requiring fewer trips for tipping.
The Street King 660 is easy to clean, offering simple access and a low-pressure hose for removing all debris. The sweeper also features a versatile wander hose, which can reach inaccessible areas where the main sweeper body cannot. The high level of customisation offered by Aebi Schmidt allows operators to tailor the sweeper to better meet their needs, such as adding extra hooks and clamps to secure the wander hose.
The sweeper is equipped with the Aebi Schmidt ES control panel, which can be customised for each driver with their own settings, removing the need for recalibration when drivers change over. The Street King 660 also features a self-lowering filter screen for easy cleaning at the end of a shift, and a suction nozzle fitted with a debris flap that can be lifted incrementally or opened fully to tackle larger debris or greater volumes.
Aebi Schmidt has recently introduced several upgrades to the Street King 660 in response to customer requests and operator feedback. Among the new features are two LED working lights that provide a crescent-shaped arc of illumination, perfect for night-time clean-up and sweeping operations. The Street King 660's combination of special features and unique selling points is designed to deliver faster working times and lower operating costs for a variety of applications.
Visit Aebi Schmidt at Plantworx 2023!
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