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08 May 2023

Hydrologiq Partners with EODev to Make Hydrogen Generators Accessible in the UK

Hydrologiq Partners with EODev to Make Hydrogen Generators Accessible in the UK

"EODev's signature 110kVA hydrogen-powered generator, a product of the partnership between UK hydrogen deployment specialist Hydrologiq and French fuel-cell generator manufacturer EODev, will be making its UK debut at Plantworx 2023 on stand D-LB15. The event, scheduled to take place from 13th-15th June, will provide an exciting opportunity for industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness this groundbreaking technology firsthand on British soil."


UK hydrogen deployment specialist Hydrologiq and French fuel-cell generator manufacturer EODev have partnered up to bring EODev’s signature 110kVA hydrogen-powered generator to UK soil, ensuring that customers with off-grid power requirements such as construction sites, events, and film production can benefit from quiet, low-to-zero emission power generation.

Hydrologiq’s ultimate mission is to end diesel use in generators and heavy plant. In the UK we burn 1bn+ litres of diesel every year through 125,000 generators, producing 3.6m tonnes CO2e p.a. And now diesel users are looking for alternatives, driven by changing regulations, customer demand, and diesel’s rising costs. Hydrologiq is making it simpler and safer than ever to switch from diesel generators to hydrogen power, partnering with key hydrogen suppliers in production, transport, and manufacturing to deploy complete power solutions today. Leading the charge on developing hydrogen generators to replace the dirty incumbent diesel options is France’s EODev. As a major manufacturer of fuel-cell powered hydrogen generators EODev is seeing rapid global expansion. With a footprint equivalent to a diesel generator (less than four square meters), EODev’s GEH2 is equipped with the latest generation of fuel cells from Toyota, giving it trusted durability and reliability. A GEH2 offers users 100kVA prime power production with no pollutant emissions at point of use. Furthermore, it can maintain a peak load of 110kVA for up to an hour, and is capable of synchronising with diesel or gas generators, or even local grid connections. Stéphane Jardin, EODev Commercial director, said: “The demand for our zero-emission solutions is growing all over the world, with almost a hundred power generators already ordered from Australia to the United States, but the switch from diesel to hydrogen can sometimes be a hindrance for operational teams. With Hydrologiq we have found the missing piece of the puzzle, enabling us to offer end users a turnkey solution and support them in their energy transition. Their team has significant knowledge of the local hydrogen value chain and we are delighted with this partnership which will enable us to accelerate our development in the UK, among the European markets with the greatest potential. Hydrologiq has already deployed the GEH2 110kVA generator on locations across a range of industries across the UK including construction, festivals and events, and film and TV production. These deployments have included sites with Costain and Kier, and have already saved over 9 tonnes of CO2e emissions and over 3500 litres of diesel from being burned in diesel generators. Benjamin Lindley, Hydrologiq co-founder and director, said: “EODev generators are, above all else, reliable bits of kit. I have personally commissioned the GEH2 multiple times – once in the 40-degree peak of 2022’s Summer heatwave – and they’ve always run quiet and true. It’s so quiet compared to diesel that at one deployment the security guard raised the alarm at 10pm to say the generator had cut out. It hadn’t – he just didn’t yet know how power could be produced without the accompanying chug of a diesel engine. This partnership between Hydrologiq and EODev will help build a future where quiet and clean power production is the norm, and loud dirty diesel is the thing to raise the alarm about.” Hydrologiq simplifies the complex hydrogen supply chain for off-grid power by bringing the market together into easily-deployable solutions, unlocking and accelerating the transition to Net Zero. The Hydrologiq platform brings together the hardware, fuel, and providers into a packaged answer. Proprietary software and IoT-enabled hardware provides not only faster and greater accuracy evaluation, planning and deployment of hydrogen-powered generators, but it also brings together the supply chain and provides universal interoperability between any hydrogen storage source and any generator to allow the customer to receive a complete turnkey solution. 🗓️ Dates: 13th – 15th June 2023 📍 Location: East of England Arena, Peterborough Join us at Plantworx, the UK’s leading construction machinery, equipment, and services exhibition. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with industry professionals. Register now to secure your place and stay up-to-date with all the latest event news and updates. 📝 Registration Link
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