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23 Apr 2023

The Grumper – Self Loading Dumper Technology by JJ Mac Ltd to Debut at Plantworx 2023

The Grumper – Self Loading Dumper Technology by JJ Mac Ltd to Debut at Plantworx 2023
Ground Stabilisation JJ Mac Ltd is proud to announce the debut of its revolutionary self-loading dumper technology, The Grumper, at Plantworx 2023. The event will take place from the 13th to the 15th of June 2023 at the East of England Arena in Peterborough, where JJ Mac Ltd will showcase The Grumper’s impressive capabilities and advanced features. The Grumper is a self-loading dumper that represents a significant leap forward in technology and engineering. Designed and developed by JJ Mac Ltd, The Grumper combines the power and efficiency of a dumper with the convenience and versatility of a self-loading machine. With its advanced features and cutting-edge design, The Grumper is set to revolutionise the construction industry by improving efficiency, reducing labour costs, and enhancing safety on job sites. At Plantworx 2023, visitors will have the opportunity to see The Grumper in action and learn about its features and benefits. JJ Mac Ltd’s team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate how The Grumper can help construction professionals streamline their operations, increase productivity, and achieve their project goals. “We are thrilled to debut The Grumper at Plantworx 2023,” said Patrick Furlong, Commercial Manager of JJ Mac Ltd. “We believe that this technology represents a significant breakthrough in the construction industry, and we are excited to share its capabilities with the world. We invite all Plantworx attendees to visit our stands C-CE1 & C-CE2 and see The Grumper in action.” Plantworx 2023 is one of the UK's largest construction trade shows, bringing together industry professionals from across the country to showcase the latest technologies and innovations. Ground Stabilisation JJ Mac Ltd’s debut of The Grumper promises to be one of the highlights of the event, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the future of construction technology.   Registration to attend Plantworx 2023 (June 13-15, 2023, at the East of England Arena and Events Centre, Peterborough) is now open. Secure your free fast-track entry badges to the show by visiting the Plantworx-2023 website.
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