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20 May 2023

CSS Ltd will be showcasing the Zero Emissions Ekin Engineering Conscreed E1800 at Plantworx

CSS Ltd will be showcasing the Zero Emissions Ekin Engineering Conscreed E1800 at Plantworx
Concrete Services & Supplies Ltd will be participating in this year’s Plantworx, on Stand B-FD1 at the East of England Arena in Peterborough. Along with a wide range of concreting equipment and machinery CSS Ltd will be showcasing the Zero Emissions Ekin Engineering Conscreed E1800, which has been nominated for The Plantworx Environmental Initiative Award. The All Electric Conscreed® E1800 Laser Guided Screed from Ekin Engineering is available for purchase at Concrete Services & Supplies (CSS), this is a recent addition to their expansive hire fleet of power floats and other concrete laying machinery & equipment. This state-of-the-art machine is environmentally friendly and geared towards a sustainable future in the construction industry. Ekin Engineering has combined its extensive experience in concreting and engineering to create a powerful, versatile and eco-friendly machine. The Conscreed® E1800 is a 100% electric machine made in the UK and is powered by long-lasting, high-performance lithium-ion batteries, making it a zero-emissions and low-noise screed. This green technology is better for the environment and provides a cleaner working environment for concreters. Sustainability and innovation are at the core of the Conscreed®'s design, and every feature has been engineered to support a greener future for the concrete industry while pushing technological boundaries. One of the Conscreed®'s innovative features is the all-new, all-electric levelling system, which replaces traditional hydraulics normally seen on laser-guided screeds. This new approach has improved speed, accuracy, and overall energy efficiency. An optional 1-hour fast charger is available to ensure you never run out of power, and it is compatible with various voltages and hertz, making it ideal for the global market. [video width="3840" height="2160" mp4=""][/video] The Conscreed® is designed to be practical and easy to use, making it suitable for sites of all sizes. Its thoughtful design enables it to excel in levelling large slabs or tackling hard-to-reach areas around columns, which can be problematic for larger boom screeds. With simple one-button controls and an easy-to-use touchscreen, operating this machine couldn't be easier. Tight spaces are no longer an issue with the E1800. Its quick-release head can be removed, allowing it to easily fit through a standard doorway (750mm). Its low weight of just 440kg makes it ideal for use on mezzanines, mesh and insulation. Ekin Engineering has thought of every aspect of the job, including transportation to the site. It can easily fit on a standard trailer, or thanks to its removable head, it can be transported in the back of a van. Overall, Ekin Engineering has managed to combine cutting-edge technology, simple-to-use controls, and all-electric power into an incredibly functional machine. They believe that the Conscreed® E1800 will play a significant role in transforming the concrete industry towards a greener future. Visit Concrete Services & Supplies on Stand B-FD1 at Plantworx 2023!
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