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04 Apr 2023

The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket: A Revolution in Construction Waste Recycling

The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket: A Revolution in Construction Waste Recycling

The Cone Crusher Bucket is an original, patent-pending innovation, providing a beneficial environmental impact within the construction. The product will make its debut at the upcoming Plantworx Construction Show (13th - 15th April 2023, East of England Arena Peterborough, Stand: C-PB3 & C-PB4) and has also been short-listed in the Plantworx Innovation Awards 2023.

Construction projects can generate a vast amount of waste, from broken bricks to discarded concrete blocks. The disposal of this waste can be both costly and time-consuming, as it requires transportation to a landfill site. However, with the new Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket, construction companies now have a cost-effective and efficient way to reprocess and recycle small-volume construction rubble and debris into usable aggregate and hardcore.

The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket is a simple and effective attachment that can be easily mounted onto 3-10 tonne excavators. It is specifically designed to crush and reprocess a variety of construction waste materials, including general clay construction bricks, light concrete walling blocks, hollow concrete ‘breeze blocks,’ concrete pavers, asphalt, and more. This attachment is highly effective at crushing to an output produced material size of around 40-70mm, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including foundation laying, track and yard surfacing, landscaping, roadways, and using as a base layer below poured concrete or filling a disposal skip most efficiently.

"The cone crusher bucket not only minimizes extra deliveries and encourages waste reuse, but also cuts down on fuel consumption, emissions, and landfill waste. As two satisfied customers have attested, the attachment can save up to £1000 a day in rubble and skip hire costs while enabling efficient on-site recycling."

One of the primary benefits of using the Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket is the cost savings it provides. By crushing and reusing on-site waste, construction companies can save on transportation costs associated with removing waste from the site. Additionally, by reusing the crushed material on-site, companies can save on material costs associated with importing hardcore to the site.

Using the Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket can minimise site traffic, delays, and hassle. By reprocessing and recycling waste on-site, construction companies can reduce the need for large trucks and heavy equipment to transport waste to a landfill site. This not only reduces traffic on-site but also minimizes delays associated with waiting for waste to be removed from the site.

The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket provides a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way for construction companies to reprocess and recycle construction waste into usable aggregate and hardcore. With the ability to crush a variety of waste materials, and the cost-saving benefits it provides, this attachment is a must-have for any construction project.

The Plantworx Construction Exhibition hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) is just a matter of weeks away! The working construction and technology event is taking place once again at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 13th to 15th June 2023.  REGISTER NOW...


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