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29 Sep 2022

Additional initiatives for Plantworx 2023 - what's new?

Additional initiatives for Plantworx 2023 - what's new?
New features planned for Plantworx 2023  
  • Up to 20% more inside space – with a wider stand choice.
  • Upgraded on-site services – to enhance the exhibitor experience.
  • Big Ideas showcase – tailored promotion for SME innovators.
  • “Get Connected” feature – the connected construction site.
  • “Dig and Demo” stands – are now spread around the showground.
  • Extended partner programme – reaching more key contacts.
  • Reimagined event App – everything Plantworx in one handy place.
  • Return of the Plantworx Awards (launching in October 22)
A message from Plantworx Event Director, Simon Frere-Cook The return of the Plantworx trade show to its Peterborough home in 2023 – follows on from our inaugural Futureworx at the same proven venue in 2022.  Futureworx buzzed with interest in the new products and technology in the innovation pipeline. Plantworx 2023 will build on that buzz – and combine it with the more familiar sound of “big kit” metal hitting the ground. To dodge some of the unpredictability of June weather, we are upping the availability of inside exhibition space. This will also accommodate many of the new technology companies that have joined the sector since Plantworx 2019. To add to that we will be launching an offer designed to attract to ‘start-up’ companies and emerging innovators with our “Big Ideas” showcase concept. Responding to customer requests, the exhibitors demonstrating working machines will be at new locations spread around the showground – bringing their own “buzz” to the event. In line with our sustainability values, we are also discontinuing the printed show guide – and will deliver a fully interactive event App to serve both exhibitors and visitors. The construction industry in 2023 will be in a different place compared to when we left it at PWX19. There is no need to list the personal and business challenges, and technological changes, we will have witnessed over the four years between shows. However, the sector has shown great resilience and with the application of hard work and ingenuity, it will continue to prosper. Let’s bring the construction equipment community together for Plantworx 2023 – and make it a great business event to remember. Onwards and upwards! Simon Frere-Cook
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