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25 May 2023

ABAX launches first-of-its-kind Inventory Management Solution in the UK

ABAX launches first-of-its-kind Inventory Management Solution in the UK

A new van store inventory solution guarantees vans are always fully stocked

ABAX, one of Europe’s leading telematics companies, has announced the launch of ABAX Smart Inventory, a unique van store inventory solution.

ABAX Smart Inventory offers a ground-breaking service: it provides real-time oversight of customers’ tool inventories, across multiple vehicles, ensuring that vans are always fully equipped and ready for the next job, without the need to physically check them.

If a van doesn’t contain a required tool, drivers and fleet managers will be alerted within minutes to any items they have forgotten or left behind. This allows them to recover equipment quickly, thus minimising any loss of income from jobs lost or delayed because vans aren’t fully equipped. In this way, the solution also helps to tackle the estimated 38 hours spent by individual workers each year seeking lost or forgotten tools[1].

It also helps to reduce the cost to businesses from lost tools. One customer in the UK construction industry noted that drivers waste around 50 hours a week returning to collect forgotten items, with around £200,000 worth of tools missing in the last year.

Whilst construction is an industry that clearly benefits from the solution, it is being trialled by ambulance services, helping to ensure that all vehicles are fully equipped and ensuring life-saving equipment is not left behind. Any industry or business that operates multiple vehicles that carry valuable, critical tools, assets or equipment will benefit from using ABAX Smart Inventory.

Craig Allan, UK Commercial Director, ABAX, said:

“We have developed ABAX Smart Inventory to meet clear customer needs that many have said they’ve been trying to resolve for years. We know our customers regularly waste significant time, money and resources because their vans aren’t properly stocked, or because they have left tools behind.

 “Tracking systems are helpful in identifying where the items are, but ABAX Smart Inventory goes much further – it provides peace of mind for fleet managers and business owners, as they know drivers always have the tools they need to get on with the job in hand. Already our clients using the solution have found it drives efficiencies and saves them time, money and resource.”

To use the solution, customers create an inventory using their ABAX system, and can assign individual tools or items of equipment to a single vehicle. If, for instance, a van leaves a site for 10 minutes without one of the allocated items, the driver and fleet manager receives an alert, enabling them or a colleague to quickly retrieve the forgotten piece of equipment.

Morten Strand, CEO ABAX added:

“At ABAX, we are always striving to make our customers’ everyday lives easier by helping them to manage their mobile business – it’s what we call Smart Mobility.

 “ABAX Smart Inventory will help customers from multiple industries to deliver huge efficiencies. It’s the first solution of its kind in the market, and through ABAX Smart Inventory we are confident that we will unlock additional opportunities with new and existing clients.”

ABAX will be at Plantworx from 13th - 15th June on stand A-C13.  Visit for free entry badges.

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