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Autoguide Equipment Ltd

At Autoguide Equipment - we utilise our expertise in innovation and engineering to provide industry-leading solutions for auger, telecommunications and fleet equipment.'

'Having specialised in Telecommunication equipment for a number of years, our diverse range of PXV mounted auger drives and pole grabs have been perfected for the industry through rigorous design and testing.'

'We have supplied our kit across national companies such as UK power, National Grid, SSE and many other big industry brands - creating diverse solutions and engineering excellence for multiple projects.'

'Along with Auger units, we also supply hydraulic fencing equipment, Hydraulic pole jacks for pole removal and excavator mounted augers and torque heads for construction purposes'

For more information on our products and a closer look at our single and variable speed PXV Augers - see us at CPA5 - CPA6 Demo Site.

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C-PA6 & C-PA5
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